Thursday, 14 February 2013


Clueless….It’s not just a 1995 film starring Alicia Silverstone, it’s the word that springs to mind whenever I watch a Leeds United side play game of football under the management of Neil Warnock.

I’ve made no secret just lately of just how disappointed I am with the way we are playing and what a mediocre season this has been thus far.

The thing about us Leeds United fans is, we have high expectations of our club and we are quite hard to please, we know what we want and where we want to be and that isn’t what we are currently getting.

The 'football' we are playing under Warnock is un-inspiring and pre-historic and I used the term 'football' loosely as it is mostly hoofball.

Here is a comment made last week by the Wolves manager, Dean Saunders after we were denied a win in added time at the Molineux:

"The football we faced today is the easiest to defend against. They just played for long throws, corners, free kicks." - Does this not say it all?

One of Neil Warnock's biggest problem is accepting that he is wrong, the game has evolved and he hasn't evolved with it. He blames everyone but himself, he can't take any responsibility whatsoever, he's blamed Becchio, the referee, Byram and against Boro' he seemed to pin the blame solely on McCormack, yes, he should have scored, but that was in the first half and should have been something that was brought up at half time and built upon, I refuse to believe one missed chance on the 28th minute is the reason Boro' won....

Here's a few quotes from Warnock himself:

"You can't miss chances like we did and expect to win a game," he said. "We had a couple of great chances and you just have to put them away.

No, we didn't have just a couple we had seven shots off target and four on. We had plenty of opportunities but lets not just focus on the goals we didn't score, our set pieces have been terrible, we haven't been able to put decent crosses in to strikers, at times our players will tend to go for goal on their own, without looking for better options, they take too many touches and end up losing the ball far too easily. We need to start doing the simple things right.

"We have to go for wins, not draws." Just what exactly does this mean....?! Have we not been going for wins?! This to me is up there with one of the most stupid things he's ever said while he's been here along with this: "You can only do your best as a manager and I think we’ve had a good season" - He thinks we've had a good season....I'm trying to work out still whether he means that or he's taking the mick.

In response to being asked about most of the 2000+ travelling fans singing 'Warnock make a change' and 'Time to go', he said:

"I can understand their frustrations," he said. "They've been through a lot with this club, and it's a massive, massive football club. Their expectations are high, and they get frustrated. They're perfectly entitled to do that."

Yes we have been through a lot, a hell of a lot but the fact is, we were here before Neil Warnock and we'll be here after, whenever that may be but I sincerely hope that is sooner rather than later.

He's just completely in denial about how bad his tactics and his style of play really is.

MOT xx <3 xx

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  1. Well said girl in the geldard! Wornocks dinosaur style of management is ok for someone looking for regular midtable finishes not for a club of l.u.f.c standing and one looking for its rightful. Place in the premiership . Time to find someone who can bring back the flair days and reward the forever faithful fans with a quality footballing side. They deserve better than what they are receiving at the moment.. becchio is no loss he sure isn't hacking it at Norwich.