Sunday, 12 August 2012

Leeds United 4 - 0 Shrewsbury Town

It was so nice to wake up yesterday knowing that I'd be going to Elland Road to watch my boys :o) 

We sat in the Kop yesterday as we couldn't have our Season Ticket seats. I must admit I love the atmosphere in there & miss it from time to time, however, there is a lot less room. There was a woman sat next to me who had a handbag with her and it wasn't small, now, I myself am guilty of carrying round a handbag the size of a small continent, but not at Football....I was hit with her stupidly large handbag on numerous occasions throughout the match, so annoying, don't bring a handbag that size to football if you can't control it ;o)

It had come to our attention pre-match that El Hadji Diouf was at Elland Road....As the team came out for warm up, so did he. Now a massive part of me can't stand the bloke in any way shape or form, I can honestly say I never thought I would see him in a Leeds shirt and I was slightly concerned about how he'd be accepted into the changing room after spitting on Ross McCormack but they seemed to be getting on fine.
Of course we like to be known as 'Dirty Leeds' so he fits right in there, I just hope he's not too much of a tosser and hope he doesn't get sent off every other game.
We have signed Diouf on a non-contract basis and he started on the bench.

We started the game in a really shaky, nervous, sloppy way and the first 10-15 minutes were painfull, Shrewsbury were playing much better football than us, they got in our faces and we just looked asleep. It felt like last season had never ended in a way and all I kept thinking was 'It's going to be a long season'. However one of our new signings Rodolph Austin shot from distance and Becchio was in just the right place to net his first competitive goal of the season.

Things started to look much better for us as we began to settle into the game and Luke Varney was the next to score on the 26th minute.

As half time came I felt a lot happier than I had done earlier on, our passing and movement were getting better and better with every minute, we looked comfortable, but we had to keep that up, one wrong move and I had a feeling Shrewsbury would pounce.

Shrewsbury brought around 1,500 fans with them, fair play really they brought more than some of the Championship sides last year.

As the second half kicked off I was worried we might slack off a little bit and let Shrewsbury back in the game, however, we carried on as we left off and looked threatening.

On the 65th minute of play, David Norris - The Captain for the match yesterday, netted one of his own making the score 3-0 to us. I can't remember the last time we looked so comfortable in a competitive game, it was actually good to watch!!

Ross McCormack was the next, and last man to get on the scoresheet after the Shrewsbury defender handled the ball in the box and a penalty was awarded to us.  
Ross celebrated his goal by imitating putting pen to paper and signing his contract, nice to see he actually wants to sign up, lets wait and see how the contract talks go!!!!

So the game ended and we won the game comfortably, it was a little strange walking out of Elland Road in a nice mood.
If we can conquer the whole 10-15 minute lull we had at the start of the game we might be alright!! 

There were a lot of positives to take out of yesterday though. Young Sam Byram had a great game at the back, as Neil Warnock said he looked like he'd been there all his life.
Green and Norris also had fantastic games too.
Got to give some plaudits too, to Paddy Kenny, he was great yesterday made some fantastic saves. It's great to see a keeper of ours that can kick too.

As a team I think they all played well, still work to do and room for improvement, but it was a positive start.

First game of the season next week at home against newly relegated Wolves.

MOT xx <3 xx

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