Friday, 10 August 2012

Takeover News....

We should know by now that Leeds United never do things the easy way. In fact I'm that used to us doing things the hard way, I'm not even sure there is an easy way.
I am of course talking about the 'Takeover' or lack of it!!

Rumours began to circulate yesterday morning that the planned Takeover had collapsed - these rumours were soon confirmed by the Leeds United Supporters Trust and soon after the press were reporting the story too.

I think we had all assumed something like this would happen, but I sort of panicked, I physically can't see this club go through any more crap, we've been through so much as a team and this takeover would be the start of a new Leeds United. New team, new season, new owners, new start, and suddenly that was all gone, and we were back to square one.

The club released a statement at around 4pm that read:

A club statement...

Leeds United ('The Club') announces that the exclusivity period granted to a potential investor as mentioned in the statement of 26 June has ended.
The Club remain happy to continue discussions, but not on an exclusive basis, so as not to prevent other options passing.
The first priority must be to ensure that the credibility of any future investor or ultimate owner is such, that the Leeds legacy and its future is in safe hands, back in the Premiership.
The Club will continue to be receptive to approaches from potential new partners who can establish that they have the necessary credentials.
Meanwhile, it is encouraging that there is a new spirit at the club under the management of Neil Warnock and his ten new signings.

Now, of course, I read that about thirty times, trying to figure out what it actually means plainly because it is more light-hearted than I was expecting. Things still sounded positive but it sounded to me like the original investors had found something that had changed their mind about buying the club. My mind started to wander about what that could possibly be as we have come so far without any kind of hiccups!!

LUST issued a statement later in the evening:

Further to our reports earlier today that the proposed takeover of Leeds United has collapsed, we have been working to find out more details about the situation.
We were told that in the last few days negotiations between Leeds United and the potential investors were delicately poised, and that yesterday Shaun Harvey flew to Monaco for discussions about the deal. This morning we were informed that the deal for a takeover of the club had collapsed.
As soon as we were able we shared news of this development with our members and with the wider Leeds United fan base, who have been anxiously waiting for updates since the club’s last statement in June.
As the day has progressed, we have done all we can to get a full picture of the situation at Elland Road. What has become clear to us is that events are moving quickly, and that urgent discussions have been taking place in the light of this deal’s collapse.
Those discussions have resulted in this evening's statement from Leeds United on their official website, which has confirmed that the period of exclusivity agreed with a potential investor has ended.
The statement goes on to say that Leeds United are happy to continue discussions with this investor on a non-exclusive basis, and we are encouraged that the opportunity is still there to conclude a deal that had reached an advanced stage, but had looked to be over this morning.
We are also pleased to read in this statement that Leeds United remain willing to listen to approaches, and we welcome this positive stance. As we have stated previously, Leeds United Supporters' Trust have spoken with several parties interested in the future of Leeds United, and we are pleased that the door appears to be open for them to come forward.
At L.U.S.T. we remain committed to our Vision Statement and the desire our members have for change at Leeds United. While we are disappointed that the uncertain situation at Elland Road looks set to continue, we will keep doing all we can to help bring about a positive future for Leeds United.

As ever, we will update the fans with developments whenever we can.

I guess at the moment we are playing the waiting game for more information though I am told this morning, the deal is still very much alive....Lots of things going on and news is changing on an hourly basis.

Fingers crossed for some better news soon.

MOT xx <3 xx

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