Monday, 20 August 2012


Monday. Where the hell did the weekend actually go?!

This morning was a massive pain in the arse, I went to catch the bus at exactly the same time as I normally do, but almost 30 minutes later, I was still waiting, in the pouring rain and then, yeah, you guessed it....Two came along at once, oh the irony.

Anyhow, I realised when I got in this morning, that I never spoke about how well Rodolph Austin did against Wolves!!!! He was brilliant!!!! He put a right shift in and made some fantastic tackles and commanded midfield really well. Really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow night in Blackpool.

It also occurred to me that I took a half day tomorrow to get to the match but I didn't think about the time were going to get back and how knackered I'm probably going to be....Fail.

Just heard that Sam Byram has signed a three year deal with us, which I see as fantastic news, he impressed pre-season and he did well at Shrewsbury but on Saturday he really did give it his all. It's always nice when a player comes through the Academy and does well. Really really happy and hope he continues to do well :o)

We are currently waiting to hear the extent of Paul Green's knee injury he sustained on Saturday, but Warnock has said on the Official Site 'I don't think it's going to be very good and we could be losing him for a few weeks, if we're lucky.' - I am disappointed by this news as he was playing really well before the injury.

Still convinced tomorrow is going to be a really tough match but still really looking forward to it.

Safe journey to everyone going down and hope the weather stays dry for our trip to the seaside :o)

MOT xx <3 xx

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