Monday, 23 July 2012

Pre-Season Tour Day 3

Match Day!!!!

The sun greeted us again this morning when we woke up, hangover free!! (Surprisingly)
We went for a walk around the shopping centre and the town centre today which was really bloody nice.
There was some interesting fashion going on today too, one that really interested me was a middle aged guy with a red mowhawk, white t-shirt, REALLY short swimming type trunks, Diadora socks and Jesus Creeper sandals. Sexy.

We ventured back to the apartment for a bit to have some lunch and a chill out before we set off for Tavistock.
We were supposed to be parking in some sort of School/College, not far from the ground tonight, so we SatNav'd that as we have no idea where anything is down here. When the SatNav said we'd arrived we were in some sort of estate and we almost steamrollered a cat, so we thought we might google the college postcode and put it into Waze on my iPhone....Seemed like a good idea until we ended up on Private Land. Luckily a nice old lady told us which way we needed to go and we parked up - for free!! In Tavistock College, the guys doing the car marshalling there were really nice, cracking job to say we didn't have to pay!!!!

The ground was only about 5-10 mins walk away from the car park and we got there in good time with about 2hrs until kick off. There were loads of people there already, I will be surprised if a lot of them can remember the game actually as it looked like they'd had a whole day on the pop, and why not.

We decided to go into the ground, have a walk, talk to some of our friends, get a decent spot and watch the players warm up :-)
What a brilliant feeling it was to be back talking to friends and seeing my boys, lovely :-)

The first half squad looked decent, Aidy White tore it up with his pace and skill - showing us why we should all be glad he's putting pen to paper with a new contract.
Talking of new contracts, we signed FOUR new players today....FOUR!!!!
Jamie Ashdown, Keeper from Portsmouth, Andy Gray, Free Agent, Rodolph Austin, SK Brann and Luke Varney from Portsmouth. These signings were all confirmed at the match. Austin's contract is subject to whether he gets a working Visa so might take a while to go through!!

First half goals from White and Green made it 2-0 when the half time whistle blew. Becchio went off with an injury just prior to half time & was replaced by Andy Gray.
Warnock kept most of the squad out for the start of the second half probably to give them all a better run out and we were a lot sharper in the second half.
Another four goals (one of them an own goal) went in and we won the match 6-0 in total, Rodgers, Poleon and Thompson all bagging a goal each.
It was a good run out for the lads, Green, White, Pearce, Poleon all
Impressed me & the new signings, well they speak for theirselves. Really good day :-)
Thought the traffic would be a pain in the arse on the way home but it wasn't too bad, the stewards/police did well.

I was told though that the bar run out of beer at half time hahah!! They should know how much us Northeners sup!!

Callington tomorrow for the open training session, really looking forward to that one :-)

MOT xx <3 xx

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