Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pre-Season Tour Day 1

As I write this at 10 to 11pm on our first day here in Devon, my other half is at the side of me snoring his little head off, bless.
It's been a pretty long day starting at 4am this morning when we woke up!! You'd think I'd be shattered, well, I kind of am, but just can't sleep!!!!

The journey was alright, got stuck in an hours worth of traffic as a caravan jackknifed on the M5 Southbound, the hour was however quite productive as we realised my Bear Grylls impression is actually pretty special.

We got into Devon at around 1.00pm and ventured to the nearest Morrisons for beer and pizza, got the real important stuff out of the way.

Jamie did well driving all that way without getting agitated, I think we have discovered, he drives, I shout at idiots, that's my job, OH and finding a radio station when the signal goes, pretty pivotal right?!

No idea what tomorrow will bring but can not wait to see some football though on Monday. It's been a long 'summer'.

MOT xx <3 xx

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