Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pre-Season Tour Day 5

Torquay better hope it's as beautiful as this, I am getting so attached to this place lol. Probably because the weather is so beautiful along with the fact I'm not working. Jamie is probably going to have to drag me off this balcony tomorrow haha. If I could pick up Leeds United and my family and move them, this place would be perfect :-)
Had a walk along the sea this morning as Jay went for petrol, 10am and the sun was so hot!! We are so blessed to have this weather. Still obsessed with the Palm Trees I may bring one home.

Decided to go for a bit of a sunbathe in the afternoon instead of spending the day indoors, it doesn't quite seem right when the weather is this good. Jamie disappeared for 10 mins though and I wondered where he'd gone, when he came back, he came back with beer, what a guy.

We have realised though, we are doing the Cornish accent down here probably more often than our actual accent....Without actually knowing we are doing it as well, that could get annoying lol.

By now you'll have all read the news that Snoddy's pretty much out the door and into Norwich. At first I was gutted, but stewing on it all day has made me mad. I sincerely hope Norwich get relegated.
Snoddy always said he'd assess the situation and choose what was best for his family, well I'm pretty sure the lad doesn't struggle for money at Leeds, but on the other hand, If we had the chance would we leave our job to get more money elsewhere? Yeah!! We more than likely would!!
Ugh, I don't know, as long as we replace him then fine but it's frustrating to lose another player to those yellow tossers.

Long drive to Bodmin anyway as there was a match to think about, as Zac Thompson rightly stated on Twitter 'No name on the back of the shirt is bigger than the one on the front'.
Parked for free about 5 mins walk from the ground....I say ground lol it was one stand and a field to be honest. They did put a beer tent up by the side of the club house though and three were roughly about 3000 in the crowd - great support yet again!!
Now, I have pee'd in some places in my time following Leeds but these toilets were something to behold. Half a shed door keeping my dignity shielded from the rest of the crowd, the seat didn't look too sturdy....good job us women have 'that talent' ;-) haha.

We watched the lads go into the changing rooms, well all apart from Ross who went in the wrong one haha!! Then we had a walk to try an get somewhere decent to stand. We were near the dug-outs to try and get all the action ;-)
Lots of annoying people around us asking the players if Snoddy had gone....GET A GRIP!!!!
The best line though came from one girl WITH A LEEDS SHIRT ON, who said 'Is that Nani?!' when Ramon Nunez came past. This is why women supporters get a bad name.

We won the match 4-0 and it was another good run out for the lads.
Jason Pearce commanded the back line well, it's nice to see a defender that actually shouts to people to tell them what to do rather than them all standing about like idiots.
Aidy White showed his blistering pace yet again and will be deadly, but in my opinion he needs to learn to pass the ball when he gets in to a good position, usually he does all the leg work and that is brilliant, but he over does it and it ends up out or he gets tackled.
Goals came from Varney, Gray, McCormack and White and were all pretty good goals (McCormak pen). Varney played well when he was on the pitch.
Becchio was there but is still injured at the moment, he came like within touching distance but I was too chicken to ask for a photo. I regret this now lol. I think its because I can see rude people barging in and throwing stuff in their faces for them to sign and I don't want to be one of those people!! They annoy me lol!!

So, I'm sat on the balcony for the last time writing this, looking out to the sea, stars shining, still really warm, bliss. Setting off early in the morning Torquay bound. Plymouth, you have been awesome :-)

MOT xx <3 xx

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