Saturday, 28 July 2012

Pre-Season Tour Day 7

Jamie asked me over breakfast this morning how I slept, I replied 'like a dog - Hold on, do dogs sleep really well?!' he said he didn't know what to say so I never really did find out!! Anyway I slept really well but in honesty I think I passed out due to the heat!!

Full breakfast this morning which is probably the best part of the whole stay here, well that and the entertainment provided from the cleaner who cleaned the rooms this morning whilst singing Katy Perry.

Chilled out all morning in order to go out for a few Pre-Match drinkies, can't actually believe this our last day.

We were sat in the sunshine drinking copious amounts of alcohol with the rest of the Leeds lot, some dressed as Arabs haha hilarious.

Got far too drunk for our own good on a balcony in Wetherspoons, singing, shouting, dancing it was amazing. Favourite song of the day:
'Paddy Kenny, having a party, bring ya vodka and ya charlie' hahaha. Made our way to the ground, blind drunk, no idea where we were going, that was amusing, thankfully we found a bus which took us pretty much right outside the ground.

Got to the ground, god knows how, and had many arguments with the ground staff because no matter where we stood, they moved us along, then Jamie said, 'you take us where you want us to sit' so they to Paddy Kenny, Ramon Nunez and Luciano Becchio. Oh god. Oh my god. I wasn't even prepared, I'd not even lip glossed - I just had to hope I didn't look like a hot mess. Before I even had chance to panic, Jamie shouted 'Luci!! Becchio's number one fan right here' and pointed at me!! Luci put his hand on my shoulder haha, I almost died haha!! I sobered up very quickly!!!!

The game finished 2-1, this one was a bit more of a game than the others had been but we played well enough.
I can't tell you what the match was like to watch because sadly the sun was in my eyes all match, we were being moved on by the police, very distracted and we were quite drunk so I will refer you the the official site for info haha I fail at today's blog.

Went out for more drinkies when the match finished, not sure if that was a great idea as we ended up quite merry again but had a little walk around the marina and then back to the horrible little room ughhhh!!

MOT xx <3 xx

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