Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pre-Season Tour Day 6

Didn't sleep a wink last night thanks to being evacuated at 1am as the fire alarm went off, that was fun.

Got up at 7am to make sure everything was clean/tidy & packed up ready to go. Absolutely gutted to leave that apartment, genuinely....gutted. So we left and I said bye to everything, bye kettle, bye dishwasher, BYE BALCONY, but then it was hello Paignton!!

Wetherspoons for Breakfast mmmm, and then a sit on the beach, after a paddle we decided to go to the model village in Torquay before checking in, it's a great place to go if you want to feel like the giant on the side of the sweetcorn tin ;-) It was fun to see though!!

The B&B we are staying in is, erm, a bit of a reality check!!!! It's nice enough, just small lol. It is also like a GREENHOUSE!! So SO warm.
We had a bit of a walk around Torquay and realised that Leeds United have taken over haha we were everywhere!!!!
We keep walking around and suddenly hearing 'WE ARE LEEDS, WE ARE LEEDS, WE ARE LEEDS' hahha #LUFCInvasion ;-)
It's great to see though.

Really looking forward to the match tomorrow but will miss the tiny grounds where you are so upclose and personal to the players, it's so nice to see the laughs and banter we very rarely ever get to see. I am a nosy cow too, I like to know what Neil is saying to the players and to listen to what the players are saying to each other.

As I write this, the Snodgrass deal has been announced officially - Smashing, I'll wait for the whole speech about how Leeds is a massive club that deserves to be in the Premier League shall I. Yet another captain sold to Norwich. Yellow....Wankers.

Just come back from a right nice night out, went for some food and then onto the Marina for a drink, lovely :-)

Back in the B&B, the room seems to be getting smaller, maybe the intense heat shrank it in the 3 hours we were out - uncomfortable nights sleep ahead :-( booooooo.

MOT xx <3 xx

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