Monday, 23 July 2012

Pre-Season Tour Day 2

Woke up to beautiful sunshine, I could really get used to this weather!!

Hit Morrisons again this morning for a 'big shop' though the Morrisons here isn't like the ones back home, they are a bit of a joke, it's the size of a small continent and NOTHING is where it should be, stressful times I tell you, but we found the beer offers and that's the main thing really.

By the time we'd finished and got back to relax on the balcony for a while, the sea mist had rolled in!! I thought that was it for the day!!!! But the mist knew who was boss and cleared within half an hour to reveal BEAUTIFUL sunshine for the rest of the day.

We decided to check out the marina and go on a bit of a pub crawl at around half 3. Started off in a nice little bar, people watching, someone had a bog brush for a hairdo, that entertained. The lady in the first bar greeted us with an 'Ouright'!! This seems to be the most used word down here, used for absolutely everything!! It's also how me and the lad keep greeting each other, it seems we can't actually say 'Alright' anymore.
Anyway, after a few beers and a few bars, we were quite pissed and when I say quite pissed I mean frigging hammered and we ended up in an Irish Bar with a singer who I absolutely adored, he sang songs about muff diving, I want him at my actual wedding. We Irish jigged well into the night before we decided we should go home before we forgot where home was.
I even managed to cook when I got back, SKILL!!

So that was the end of our eventful day!!!! Can not wait for the football tonight, so ridiculously excited!!!!
#TavistockHereWeCome aaaaah!!!!

MOT xx <3 xx

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